Lhakpa Gurung, IIIsR

Lhakpa Gurung, pronounced Luck-pah, is the new IIIsR Associate Teacher. She found C&C through a family she works for, and she loves it so far. Last year Lhakpa worked at C&C as a transition teacher to help the IIIs move into the IVs.

This year she’s excited to learn more about the IIIs and their development. She likes C&C so much because “It fits the education system I believe in.” She also likes the diversity, the community, and the inclusivity.

Lhakpa is originally from Nepal, near Mount Everest. She came to the United states, ten years ago. Lhakpa thinks “I’m the shortest teacher here, I need a stool for everything.”

Lhakpa has always wanted to be a teacher, ever since middle school. She feels “lucky to have that dream carry on till now.” Outside of school, Lhakpa volunteers a lot, and works at a Himalayan culture school on Sundays. She said, “I try to help my community in the best way I can.” She will make her a wonderful addition to the C&C staff.

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