Katherine Hurewitz, IVsN

Katherine Hurewitz is the new lVsN Associate. She was the student teacher for the VsA (now the VsM). She has been living in NYC for three years, and has previously taught at Play Garden, a preschool in Tribeca. She’s also taught in Thailand for two years. She said, “It was hard because the kids didn’t speak English, and I didn’t speak Thai. So we had to communicate through pictures, and there was a lot of laughter because no one knew what was going on. It was a great adventure.”

Outside of school, Katherine enjoys yoga, meditation, music, and traveling. Her favorite part of C&C is the community, and how “it’s like a family, and everyone here inspires me.” She’s very excited to be back because as a student teacher, “I felt like I found a place, like home, and I’m excited to return to that.”

Katherine will graduate from Bank Street in May. She will have an exciting year with the IVsN.

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