IXs Kick Off the School Year

During the first few weeks of school, the IXs have been hard at work. Their job this year is the school store. Running the store requires major independence and responsibility. While most students seem to be excited for this opportunity, others are not as enthusiastic.

Nia Fennell from the IXsK complained that “the store only sells school supplies.” She said, “We should sell stuff for students, too.”

Many of the IXs think selling kid-friendly things could increase their revenue and their customers. Other students think that the process has been boring and not fun. They feel that the meetings are too long and one student went so far as to say “not much progress is being made.”

Some students just don’t want the extra work and the stress that comes with running the store. Students are also complaining about the lack of calculators, the strange prices, and the judgment and pressure that comes with running the store.

Besides the major responsibility of the store, the IXs have been working hard on their math. They are working on multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Some students find the level of mathematics they are learning to be either “too easy” or “too boring.” They feel that they are doing the same type of math that they primarily focused on last year.

The IXs have yet to begin their social studies unit on the Oregon Trail, but they have begun to look at maps that they will later re-create in science. So far the IXs enjoy this activity and are excited to begin their year.

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