Daniel Tortoledo

Daniel Tortoledo is the new music teacher for the Upper School orchestra and music classes.

Daniel plays the guitar, the bass, and the piano, and he also sings. Daniel has been playing music his whole life, starting with the violin at the age of four, saying, “Violin caught my eye and ear.”

When asked about his methods, Daniel said he believes in a free, open teaching environment. He appreciates the way that C&C complements his ways of teaching, and thinks it’s a place where he belongs. “It’s like I’m not going to work, but I am,” he said.

When asked about his opinions on playing professionally versus teaching music, Daniel explained that all musicians have that drive in the back of their minds. “Those dreams are what make us young,” he said. However, due to the corrupt nature of the music industry, the living conditions for professionals are poor. Daniel explained that teaching has more meaning to it than solely playing music as an artist and he summed it up with this remark: “If I can teach as many students as possible, I can die at peace.”

Daniel puts a lot of passion into his work as many teachers do. He said, “I love music too much to make it a jaded experience.” Daniel is excited for this new year of teaching, playing, singing, and learning.

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