Cashiers Are Becoming Jobs of the Past

Cashiers seem to be becoming objects and jobs of the past. By October of 2017, the first of these markets started up with the famous, Amazon Go. The first Amazon Go opened its doors in Seattle Washington on January 22 of 2018. How the Amazon stores work is, one can download the app on a smartphone, and you are free to walk into the store and take anything you want off the shelves. You can then proceeded to walk through the gates at checkout, and they will scan every item in your bag. The groceries are placed into an online shopping cart, and a receipt is sent to you later. Lilly Meyer in the XIIIs says “I don’t think that they are a good idea because the store

could get easily robbed.” Which could be done by making sure the bag does not go through the scanner. Even though these markets seem to be worker-less, there are associates walking around the store. They are also working in the back to keep the customers happy and food on the shelves. This experience is also straightforward to get, all you need is to have an Amazon account and connect that with the Amazon Go app. In June, Walmart and Microsoft have teamed up to create the same type of seemingly worker-less markets. These markets could be a massive change to the game of retail, and completely change the future of it. Yet these ideas seem like good fun, this is scaring many other retail stores around the United States, and the world. If these deals go along and more tech companies, like Apple, join in than these cashier-less markets will be the only retail store I expect in the future.

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