Andrea Messaoud, VsM

Andrea Messaoud is the new Associate teacher for the VsM. She will be teaching with Mona this year. Before teaching at City and Country, Andrea taught toddlers at a daycare that was affiliated with Cornell Medical School. She said that “everyone was very close” and that the parents all knew the students as well as each other very well. She also taught drawing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and she volunteers at NYU Tisch Hospital in pediatrics.

Andrea said that what sets City and Country apart from other places she’s taught at is that “It’s a entirely different

environment, that has a overall idea of inclusiveness.” She mentioned that there is more creativity and it is unique how welcoming the community is. “You can be entirely new or be a familiar face, but you’re treated as if you’ve always been here.”

Andrea was inspired to be a teacher because growing up she was not the best of students. She attended Manhattan Country Middle which is a PreK-8th grade independent school on the Upper West Side. Her teachers catered to her method of learning to help her. She found that method to be important to her.

When teaching little children, Andrea said that “it is important for children to have a degree of consistency” and that the teacher should adhere to the child’s learning method, not the traditional method, in order for the child to thrive while taking on challenges.

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