The Xs Take On Responsibilities

October 5, 2018


The Xs are entering a new phase of C&C: they are learning Spanish with Marianela Fernandez, playing sports against other schools, and having a new Math teacher, Lisa Ochs. The Xs are enjoying all their classes very much and are excited to study their new curriculum. “Lisa is cool,” said Spencer Gaddie after starting the new math program for the XsMo. 

The Xs will be starting Orchestra for the first time. This also is the first year of C&C sports for the Xs, and they are all very excited to compete against the other schools. 

In social studies, the Xs have been studying the history of writing. They are learning about all kinds of ancient forms of writing, such as hieroglyphics and cuneiform. 

The XsMe have also been studying evolution and the history of humans. They took a trip to the Hall of Human Origins at the Natural History Museum to learn even more. To visualize the history of humans, the XsMe created a very long timeline, and they discovered that the first homo sapien was from 160,000 years ago. 

In Spanish, they have been learning about emotions and basic words as they get started with this new language. Suniva Achuthan said, “Spanish is really fun! Everybody loves it.” In Math, the Xs have been learning about fractions. The Xs love the new after school programs because they get to play sports like soccer, volleyball, and even go to debate. “The sports program is really fun,” said Spencer. “I am playing soccer.” 

This year the Xs are getting a new job along with sign making which is taking care of the Vs. The Xs read to the Vs and do projects with them. The Xs  are excited about working with the Vs and cannot wait to do more projects with them.

There are a lot of changes in the Xs that the students are excited about. “I’m really excited for calligraphy, and to learn about Mesopotamia,” said Suniva,  XsMo. 

“I’m really excited about studying Ancient Egypt,” said Jasper Jackson, XsMe. 

The XsMe also have an exciting Science project to work on, where they mummify a chicken to learn more about the process. The Xs are all looking forward to the new school year.

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