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Until recently, the VIIIs were studying the Lenape Native Americans. How

ever, they have moved on to the next chapter of their curriculum and are currently studying the Dutch. The VIIIs are focusing on when the Dutch sailed over and created New Amsterdam, the predecesso...

           Vienna Vallazi and Nicholas (Nick) Gardener selling post cards and stamps at the VIIIs Store

Living in New York, the VIIIs often take advantage of the city and go on many field trips to museums and explore historic sights. O...

The VIIIs put on their first play, begin to play in the Ball Yard, and dive into Social Studies. 

As Jay Frankle, VIIIsJ Group Teacher, said, “Students become more social in the VIIIs.” 

Adjusting from a being a VII to an VIII is one of the hardest transitions at C&C. No...

The VIIIs’ weeks are getting busier and busier as they rush to get ready for their upcoming play. They are painting murals, making costumes and props, and most importantly, they are creating the script for their play. But the best part about the VIIIs’ play is that bot...

The VIIIs’ play is approaching quickly, and they are rushing to prepare. “Recently we have been making our costumes for our play. We do not even know what it is going to be about yet,” said Nina Shefferman, VIIIsN. “But we have only worked on the mural, our clothes, an...

After the new year, the VIIIs are ready for a fresh start. In Social Studies, Math, Science, and Book Group, they have moved on to a more challenging curriculum.

In Social Studies, the VIIIsN have started to learn about the Lenape children. “We’re learning about the Len...

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June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

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